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Interview with model Liza Adamenko

18-year-old model Liza Adamenko managed to get on the cover of 25 well-known magazines (ELLE, L'OFFICIEL, HER WORLD et al.), to work with such agencies as the IMG models, Manuquen, Traffic, Donna and got married.



18-year-old Liza Adamenko often demonstrates the generous gifts of her 55-year-old husband. In the images shared to Instagram, "Golden girl" is seen posing on the private yachts, in the expensive restaurants.

However, recently the model has decided to impress her followers, sharing the image, made in places where no-one of millionaires ever goes.

Now Liza Adamenko "creates art"

Why did you decide to become a model?

It was my dream since childhood, I've dreamt of this since kindergarten.

What's the hardest thing in the model business?

Keep your skin, hair and nerves, probably, in excellent condition. After a very large amount of work.

What’s the most significant work for you?

Champaign * or cover - you have to look very fresh and confident.

What was the craziest shooting you participated in?

It was in Bali for a Russian Elle. I and another model were sitting on the edge of the bridge over the precipice.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully I get what I want - to become an actress!

About person

How many tattoos do you have?

Already 11, but they are very small. I think I will get more (sorry mom).

What city in the world is your kindred spirit?

My hometown Kansk, Tokyo, LA, and, of course, Singapore.

What's your favorite clothing brand?


Do you have a role model?


Can you characterize yourself in three words?

Positive, stylish, kind.

If you become a cartoon character, who would it be?

Cheshire Cat!

What's your favorite Emoji?


You're in karaoke, but there's only one song you're allowed to sing. So which one you will choose?

Rihanna «Diamonds».

You are offered to create a fragrance: what ingredient you will add to it?

Roses and unicorn tears.

You are allowed to correct just one thing in your appearance, what would you have changed?

Probably nothing, I am happy with the way I look.

To summarize. Liza Adamenko is a very self-assured woman, her power shines through. Her model photos are completely different. And this is the key to success. She is contradictory. She is a rebel who loves unicorns and traveling.

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