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Interesting facts from the life of Kate Moss


Kate Moss, who turned 41 on January 16, in honor of this solemn date made a small present to her fans - a video without retouching from filming for Italian Vogue, where the model performed in the usual natural image. The author was the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh (71)..

Since Kate broke into the modeling business, everything turned upside down. Not only in her life, but also in the lives of those who were with her, and in the entire fashion industry. Kate became one of the models who broke all stereotypes about beauty. We chose the most memorable videos and decided to share with you interesting facts from the life of Kate Moss.



- Kate admitted that she decided to accept the offer of her husband, musician Jamie Hince (46), while watching the American television series "My big fat gypsy wedding ."

- Jamie Hince bought Kate an apartment in Paris on her 40th birthday.

-When the agent  found Kate at John F. Kenneth's airport, she was 14 years old, she returned home after a family vacation in the Bahamas.

Kate's half-sister, Lottie Moss (16), began her career in the same agency as Kate - Storm.

- According to the horoscope she is Capricorn, like the other famous Kate of Great Britain - the Duchess of Cambridge. They are able to achieve what they want!

- Kate loves cooking homemade jam.

- She considers it a sign of bad taste to mix silver and gold.

- Her daughter, Lila Grace (7), adores the film " The Devil Wears Prada " .

- John Galliano (54) created a wedding dress for Kate.

- She is the godmother of her daughter Jude Law (42) - Iris (15). 

- Kate's favorite cheese is Stilton with mildew.


- She has a secret Instagram account.

- Kate believes that the biggest mistake in her wardrobe was overalls.

- Manolo Blahnik (72) reworked Kate's wedding shoes five times to ensure that they are perfect.

- Kate's favorite rumor about her: Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and the champagne bath ...




- Kate took the 4th place in the list of the highest paid models in 2013 by Forbes, she earned $ 5 million.

- Once she starred in the episodic role in the TV series "The Black Adder".

- Favorite Kate's skin care - Creme de la Mer.




- In 2008, Kate was immortalized in the image of "Sirens" in the golden statue of Mark Quinn.

Kate took part in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

- Kate and Johnny Depp starred in the music video of Paul McCartney (72) Queenie Eye in 2013. It is interesting that they were shot on different days so as not to see each other.



- Kate is a fan of the series "Eastenders".

- Her father is a travel agent, and her mother is a barmaid.

- Kate read on the radio an excerpt from the bestseller "50 shades of gray " to raise money for the British charity organization Comic Relief in 2013.




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