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“I was killing myself”: Naomi Campbell spoke candidly about her difficult struggle with addiction




The supermodel admitted that she could not cope with childhood traumas. Naomi Campbell admitted that she went through a truly terrible period. 

The 53-year-old catwalk star has repeatedly become a participant in various scandals. Black Panther even took anger management courses. Today Naomi spoke about her struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.


Campbell noted that she has had significant traumatic events in her life. The British model of Afro-Jamaican descent has never communicated with her father, who left her mother during pregnancy. Valerie married a second time, and Naomi had serious conflicts with her stepfather, she even tried to stay somewhere late so as not to return home. Naomi Campbell with her mother Valerie Morris Naomi Campbell with her mother Valerie Morris Social network When the girl began her modeling career and soon became successful, she realized that unprocessed injuries were making themselves felt. “Grief was a very strange thing in my life because it didn’t always show itself openly. I went into shock and went crazy, and later I simply broke down. But I always tried to keep the sadness inside,” Campbell said.

The catwalk legend suffered another tragedy - the death of designer Gianni Versace, who was her close friend. “When he died, my grief became very difficult,” Naomi admitted.


Gianni Versace was a close friend of Naomi Campbell Gianni Versace was a close friend of Naomi Campbell GettyImages 

The supermodel began to abuse alcohol and drugs, thus trying to drown out the pain, fear and anxiety. “I tried to forget myself and hide my feelings. I was slowly killing myself. It was very offensive,” the mother of two children said candidly.

The former lover of oligarch Vladislav Doronin assured that the decision to rehabilitate was one of the best in her life. “As for my mistakes, I have always admitted them. I decided to undergo rehabilitation . It was one of the best and only things I could do for myself at that time. It's scary to take a mirror and look in the mirror. It took me many years to get over it,” Campbell said in the documentary “Supermodels.”


Naomi Campbell was able to cope with addiction Naomi Campbell was able to cope with addiction Still from video

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