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Human Barbie Stefanie Mulic became interested in plastic surgery on the recommendation of her mother – what did she look like before the beauty transformation?


20-year-old Stefanie Mulic from Sweden spent a fortune to achieve the "perfect" appearance. The blonde showed what she looked like before the beauty transformation.

The choice of "doll" appearance is not an accident for me. When you live in a family of a cosmetologist, it is very difficult not to try cosmetic novelties, especially if your mother and aunt are "obsessed" with this. Therefore, already at the age of 13, I first tried hyaluronic acid for lips on the advice of my mother. I really liked my plump lips, although the effect then passed. Since then, I have been doing something for myself all the time, again, on the recommendation of my mother and aunt. At the age of 17, I realized that I was ready for something more and since then I have been unstoppable. Especially after my boyfriend said about my nose that it's not good enough for my appearance. That's why I decided to have rhinoplasty.

Bratz doll Stephanie Mulic.

I got new lips, smoothed the lines of the chin, nasolabial fold, corrected the eyebrows, got Botox and a Hollywood smile. This is all about the face, but I want to work on the body as well. Mammoplasty, "thin waist" and gluteoplasty are next in line. 


If it seems that the Swede looked unpresentable before plastic surgery, then this is a delusion. Clearly, the parents, and exactly the mother, assessed the appearance of the girl incorrectly and imposed their standards of beauty, thereby changing Stephanie's idea of herself. Therefore, she became dependent on an outsider's opinion of herself in the future. Her transformations directly speak of the excessive influence of the parent on the self-identification of the "blonde".

What did Barbie look like before the dramatic changes in appearance?


According to Mulic, she has become a more harmonious personality and she takes her improvements for granted. Now she no longer listens to her mother and makes her own decisions about her appearance.

When I became myself, it became much easier for me to live. I can’t say for sure how much it took me to complete the aesthetics, but I spent about 1.3 million (according to the new exchange rate) - this is a lot, but the result was worth it. 


The frame shows how the girl has changed in just 4 years of her life, turning into a human Barbie as a teenager. But over time, something went wrong and the girl literally disappeared from social networks. After almost two years of absence from the network, she has shared so far the only photo that is not at all associated with a puppet image. The girl began to look more well-groomed and stylish. Stephanie has obviously worked on herself and her values ​​have changed.


What do you think, did the Swede look better?

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