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Heidi Klum brought her young boyfriend in Cannes

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Model demonstrated a flawless figure.

The appearance of Heidi Klum at the Cannes film festival, as always, made a strong impression. 42-year-old model proved once again that she lives a full one and doesn't age a day. And at the same time she showed all her collection of spectacular dresses and swimwear. During all her appearances Heidi was accompanied by her "knight" - 29-year-old Vito Schnabel.

During her stay in Cannes Klum managed to visit an incredible number of parties, and did not look tired. After another party, which prolonged far into the night, she appeared on the beach and outshone by far all the girls of her age, making them going mad with envy. Two of the many outfits of Heidi, perhaps, produced the greatest effect: silver dress with transcendent cut which effectively emphasized her shape, allowing her to demonstrate slender legs and translucent skirt, in which Klum went to the party, which took place on a yacht of her friends.

Vito Schnabel remained immovable close to Heidi, but always been in her shadow. In December of last year, Vito was off on a bender, flirting with young actress Dakota Johnson. And after that he begged for Klum to forgive him.. Since then, he tries to be modest, and Heidi, apparently is happy with him.

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