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“He started calling me the most horrible names.” Miss Russia, Anna Linnikova broke up with her American fiancé with a scandal


Model Anna Linnikova, who is the winner of the national beauty contest “Miss Russia 2022” and represented the country at the international competition “Miss Universe” in the USA, continues to share details about the breakup with American journalist Jackson Hinkle.

Recall that on October 25, Linnikova announced her engagement to an American, with whom she went to live in the USA. And already in mid-December, the 23-year-old girl announced the breakup: “I broke up with Jackson and am returning to Russia.”

“What became the point of no return in your relationship?” — they asked a 23-year-old girl on Instagram, where she currently has 102 thousand followers.

“My breaking point was when a person started swearing at me, calling me the most terrible words. This is disrespect. I already realized that there would be many similar questions ? The main thing: the person did not want to resolve conflict issues and was not mentally prepared for adult relationships and marriage. There are difficulties in all couples. If there is no love, they hesitate and accumulate, exploding the relationship.”

Last week, Linnikova, talking about breaking up with her fiancé from the USA, among other things, said the following:

“He acted very ugly. Turned out to be a narcissist and a manipulator.”

Linnikova does not like to advertise details of her personal life. It is known that Jackson and Anna’s romance began this year after the girl received the title of “Miss Russia 2022” and took part in the “Miss Universe” competition.


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