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Grandmother of Natalia Vodianova told about the personal life of the famous model and relationship with Antoine Arnault

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34-year-old Natalia Vodianova has managed to build a fantastic career, became a happy mother with many children and is actively involved in charity work. Grandmother Larissa Gavrilovna told how the famous model got to be so perfect.

Grandma of Natalia Vodianova had been staying for few months with her granddaughter in Paris. Upon returning home, she decided to give an interview.

In late May, before the birth of fifth child, Natalia Vodianova invited favorite grandmother over to her apartment in Paris. Larisa Gavrilovna had been in Paris for two months, and shared her impressions in an interview with the magazine StarHit.

"Their house has a very cozy atmosphere. Natasha’s husband Antoine - a real gentleman, very delicate. Every time I went out for dinner in the dining room, he certainly pushed the chair for me. And he is gentle with Natalia! "- Shared her impressions grandmother of Vodianova.

Larisa Gavrilovna noted that Antoine established an excellent relationship with older children of Natalia.

Living in Paris generally for 3 years, Lucas, Neva and Viktor have been completely adapted. They are fluent in French and go to school. However, they still communicate in English. Grandmother told that Vodianova tries to speak with the children in their native language. But Russian is very difficult for 14-year-old Lucas. 10-year-old Neva in contrast to Lucas, speaks Russian almost without an accent.

"Neva ... I can not take my eyes from her, this is a beautiful and sophisticated girl. She has a lot of talents: she loves music, ballet, drawing! Natasha, by the way, pays a lot of attention to the education of children", - explained Larissa Gavrilovna.

Unlike many stellar parents, Natalia does not follow every one of children's whims. Supermodel controls the amount of their pocket money and even expressed discontent after her mother once gave his eldest son Lucas 100 euros. It is a disciplined family. Everybody may be busy with their own things all day, but should be free for dinner. "Once Lucas was late, and they don’t start eating until everyone will gather at the table, - said the grandmother of the model. – they had to wait for Lucas. Natasha chastised him for it. Of course, he was upset, but did not contradict".

More recently, Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time. Grandmother of celebrity believes that every pregnancy changes her granddaughter - she is becoming softer and more feminine. "Natasha is a sun in the house, everything revolves around it in the family", - said Larissa Gavrilovna.


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