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“Fox Eyes”: How plastic surgery changed supermodel Adriana Lima - PHOTO


Brazilian supermodel, former Victoria's Secret angel Adriana Lima attended the premiere of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Snakes and Songbirds, held in Los Angeles. In the fall of 2022 Lima became a mother for the third time - the supermodel gave birth to her husband, film producer Andre Lemmers, a son, whom she named Cian, after which took a break from her career because she had gained significant weight after giving birth.

Judging by the footage from the premiere of the prequel to the film "The Hunger Games", Adriana Lima managed to get rid of excess weight, but not only the figure of the Brazilian model has changed, but also her face, swelling on which and a new shape of the eyes are visible to the naked eye - changes in her appearance are actively discussed on social networks, whose users are confident that the model resorted to one of the most popular trends in modern plastic surgery – “fox eyes”.


Fans of Adriana Lima note in their messages that the supermodel, even without plastic surgery, had a “foxy look”, which was her calling card, emphasizing that plastic surgery in her case was inappropriate.

Note that the peculiarity of the “fox eyes” operation is to change the shape of the eyelids and the line of the eyebrows, as a result of which the shape of the eyes becomes closer to almond-shaped, and the eyebrows are raised slightly, which helps not only to correct the shape of the eyelids, but also to give the face a more youthful and fresh look.

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