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Forgot Shawn Mendes: Camila Cabello spotted on a date with a new guy - find out who he is


The paparazzi photographed the singer with a new companion. There are rumors on the Web that this is Camila's new lover.

A little more than six months have passed since the breakup of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes , and, apparently, this time was enough for the celebrities to recover from the breakup and move on. The other day, Camila was spotted with a new guy for the first time since her breakup.

On June 18, a photo of a star with a mysterious handsome man appeared on the network. The paparazzi caught the couple on an evening walk, and judging by the loving look and cute smiles of the guys, it can be assumed that the guys are very comfortable together.


Camila Cabello spotted on a date with a new guy Legion Media

The new passion of the Havana singer turned out to be 30-year-old Austin Kevich , the CEO of the dating app Lox Club. According to Page Six, the celebrities could have met through a mutual friend, Nicholas Golitsyn, Cabello's co-star in Cinderella.

Whether Camilla is dating an entrepreneur, or is it just a friendly meeting, is unknown. Details of the new alleged romance are not yet available. But it seems that the girl has recovered from the breakup of a long relationship with Sean and is ready to at least go on dates.


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