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Father of the model Liza Adamenko flew to America to support his daughter after a scandalous break with the oligarch


After a scandalous break with the oligarch model Liza Adamenko returns to Russia. 

Yachts and Ferrari in Singapore, a wedding in the ancient castle of Saint-Jean on the Cote d'Azur, a honeymoon in travels around the world and gifts, gifts, gifts that 18-year-old Liяa Adamenko - a well-known model - used to receive from her 55-year-old husband - Oligarch Valentin Ivanov ...

It seems that soon she will have to live without all this. Or to earn the most. Apparently, after a loud scandal that happened more than a month ago, this couple decided to separate

Recall that at the end of March this year in New York, a spouse publicly beat a long-legged beauty. As Liza herself assures, he was unjustly jealous of her. She told journalists that she had spent the night in the hospital. And when she came out, she immediately wrote an application to the local police of this content: "Physical violence towards me lasts for two years. He shows aggression every time when he is in drug or alcoholic intoxication. The same happened with his ex-wives. I'm scared, because he can kill me. I ask you to forbid him to approach me! "

Ivanov then flew to Singaporean alone. Apparently, in order to get revenge, he created trouble: Liza's passport was torn by him. Liza had to go to the Russian embassy.

A young model Liza Adamenko at the beginning of her journey. Photo: personal page of Liza Adamenko "VKontakte"

After what happened "Komsomolskaya Pravda" -Krasnoyarsk tried to contact Liza's parents who live in Kansk. Her father, Yuri Adamenko refused any comments. However, he said that he was abroad. It is not difficult to guess that all this time, while Liza was solving her problems with the passport, her father was next to her. But he is a deputy in his city, a businessman. The acquaintances of Yuri Adamenko confirmed that he always cares about his children, Liza and her older brother.

And it became known, that Liza received a certificate and now can leave the US. And first of all she will go to Russia, specifically - to her homeland in the city of Kansk, to restore the documents. In any case, the girl is not going to leave the modeling business, even in spite of the fact that the spouse threatened to yank Liza' modeling contract.

Liza will definitely visit her gymnasium, in which she studied, thinks her mentor in the local model school Tatiana Matyazh.

The last time we talked with Tatyana, she was just doing with the beginning models, girls 8-10 years old.  She always speaks about Liza Adamenko  with warmth: - Liza was 11 years old when she came to our school. Tall for her age, with an elegant posture and a stubborn spark in the big eyes.

- This girl was immediately promising, right away. Before coming to the modeling agency, Liza was engaged in a folk dance group. She knows how to stand in a pose, behave in front of the cameras. We started to work with her. You know, the girls who come to us want to be models. And Liza wanted to become a famous model. She was so persistent that at 13 she already went to a photo shoot in Japan. From there she got to Singapore, where met Valentin Ivanov.

However, Tatyana Matyaz does not want to comment on the relationship of her pupil with her husband-oligarch. She says that in the beginning everything was beautiful: he looked after Liza, cared and spoiled her. Apparently, love passed ...

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