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Famous model Danila Polyakov became beggar

Model Danila Polyakov was at his popular zenith in the 2010s, built a successful career and participated in shows of famous fashion designers. However, the fame and fortune he experienced in the late '2000s left him as quickly as it came.

The former star of the catwalks, Danila Polyakov admits in one of the latest interviewes, that he is homeless and sometimes forced to sleep on the street and to take help wherever he can get it.. He doesn’t participate in fashion shows, he has not job offers from employers. Sometimes he participates in photoshoots. Nevertheless, Danila agrees to any job, especially if he gets paid.

"I just do not know how to spend money correctly. I do not consider it necessary. I can drink all night and in the morning I ask for money from passers-by. Now, of course, I don't have anything even close to that I earned before. People often come up to me in the street and offer help, I do not refuse to receive their money. Sometimes strangers buy me products in the store. Probably, they recognize me, and then feel sorry for me, "- shared with journalists Danila.

Polyakov admits that in moments of deep despair he finds solace in believing in himself. He does not want to start his own family, doesn’t want to have children too, he has no plans on future, trying to live life in the moment and believing that everything will be fine.

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