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Emily Ratajkowski and Dima Bilan in the video "Inseparable"

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Dima Bilan presented the first teaser of his new music video with Emily Ratajkowski

Видео опубликовано bilanofficial (@bilanofficial)

Having arrived to Los Angeles, Dima Bilan started filming the video to his new song "Inseparable", the main character of which was ... Emily Ratajkowski. Yes, the one who played the mistress of Ben Affleck in psychological thriller Gone Girl and undressed to support Kim Kardashian.

Dima posted in his Instagram photo with Ratajkowski.




Emily Ratajkowski and Dima Bilan on the set of the video "Inseparable" 



Team of a clip with a stellar reputation - agent of Hollywood stars, Sam Harutyunyan as well as American advertising and fashion photographer David Mushgeyn are responsible for the result. The co-author of the text is Russian media tycoon Mikhail Gutseriev, whose son Said Gutseriev married student Khadija Uzhakhova in the lavish ceremony which was a near-universal theme.

The musician released the first teaser in social networks. 

Finally, you can see what a new video for the song of Dima Bilan "Indivisible", which starred model Emily Ratajkowski.

“Here you have my new teaser for the song "Indivisible" with Emily Ratajkowski! The premiere of the video will take place on 6 May”. - Bilan wrote in his Instagram. 

Shooting of the video took place under the direction of Yana Rudkovskaya and Hollywood producer Sam Harutyunyan in Los Angeles, and with such a team there is no doubt that the result will be excellent. We are waiting for the full version of the video, and now look at the teaser!

Dima Bilan and Emily Ratajkowski in the video "Inseparable"

Видео опубликовано bilanofficial (@bilanofficial)


Emily Ratajkowski in the video "Inseparable"

Dima Bilan in the video "Inseparable"







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