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Emily Ratajkowski about the disadvantages of sexuality

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24-year-old model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, whose name had become synonymus with sexuality, has admitted that it may not be quite so well for actress who dreams of major roles. According to Emily directors are less eager to offer her serious roles because of her sexuality:

“This is a paradox. If you're sexy, you do not wait for serious roles. You are expected to be on the screen just the same you are in everyday life. Something like: "Let her do what she is good at."

Emily’s mother warned her about that at the beginning of the modeling career:

“When friends said that I could make a career in the modeling business, my mom didn’t accept the idea. She answered them: "No, she will be a neurosurgeon". She did not like even the idea that the only value in me would be my appearance.

Emily Ratajkowski in "Gone girl"

Emily Ratajkowski in "Entourage"

I had not thought about it. I didn't take the model career seriously, I viewed modeling as an opportunity to earn money to buy a new pair of shoes, or put money on a bank account”.

Much later, defending women's right to sexuality, Emily even published her joint photo with Kim Kardashian in Instagram in responding to criticism of Kim Pierce Morgan:

“But he also criticized everyone. This built his entire career. I love it when a man commented on a woman's decision to publish the nude photos. Or her figure or her career. Friggin' sexist.

He can hate her reality show, but no one has the right to authorize or prohibit to publish nude photos.

I then supported her and Kim was kind enough to sent me flowers. And then we decided to make a joint selfie, showing the middle fingers. In my opinion, this gesture speaks for itself”.

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