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Elena Kuletskaya unveiled the name of newborn daughter

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Model became a mother.

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Yesterday ex-girlfriend of Dima Bilan, Elena Kuletskaya became a mother for the first time. About this event star told to her fans on Instagram. Today, the model unveiled her newborn daughter’s name.

The girl was born on Sunday morning in one of the elite Moscow clinics. The growth of the newborn 55 cm, weight 3.85 kg. Elena and her husband Stanislav Romanovsky named their daughter Nika.

"The birth went easily and naturally with a light hand and a high precision guidance of our doctor - Sergey Igorevich Arabajyan, - says Elena. - After a couple of hours, we were already in the room, and almost doting over baby... "!

Now mother and daughter are still in the hospital, but plan to return home after a couple of days.

Birth certificate of Alena Kuletskaya's child


Elena Kuletskaya’s pregnancy was made known in February, when the model appeared on one of the social events in a slinky dress, did not hide her rounded tummy. However, neither Elena, nor her husband - Stanislav Romanovsky, commented on future addition to the family. Moreover, Kuletskaya assured fans that the journalists are a little hasty to declare her pregnant.

But during the next fashion week in Moscow, Kuletskaya came to the podium, demonstrating the dress from her favorite designer Igor Gulyaev and showing big belly!

Pregnant Alena Kuletskaya 


And then, finally, the first child of Kuletskaya was born. The birth went well, mom and baby feel good. Elena gave birth to one of the elite hospitals. She had chosen the doctor, as usual, in advance, and a few times before the happy event went to the hospital for checks. She had to take the tests more frequently than other pregnant women. Because Elena is RH-Negative and her husband – is RH-Positive. There could be serious complications during pregnancy and childbirth because of the incompatibility of RH factors. However, this problem was solved thanks to the professionalism of doctors.

The last few months of pregnancy, the model suffered from insomnia. "Everybody advise how to sleep, because there will be no time for it, - said Kuletskaya. - But I sleep only 6 hours a day. "

TV presenter was lucky to pass morning sickness at the beginning of her pregnancy, but at the end of the period her husband subjected to her whims.

"I ate a lot of radishes and drank gallons of water- says the new mom. - A desired to eat chalk, smell the wet asphalt and rubber wheels! "

Elena Kuletskaya and Stanislav Romanovsky married almost two years ago. The wedding ceremony took place in the luxurious Chateau de Robernier castle in Provence. The couple decided not to publish pictures of the wedding, but many guests who attended the ceremony, could not but shared with their subscribers some holiday photos. Thus, photos and even video of happy newlyweds appeared in the network.

Wedding of Alena Kuletskaya 


Ex-girlfriend of Dima Bilan, Elena Kuletskaya always said that dreamt of having children. And then, finally, she became a mother for the first time.

Alena Kuletskaya with Dima Bilan


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