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Dynamo football player Normann left the Russian woman for the sake of the Israeli model. What does his new love Eden Fiennes look like?


Violetta Gracheva, Matthias Normann, Eden Fiennes. Photo by FC Dynamo, Social networks

Outwardly, the girls even look alike.

A beauty named Violetta Gracheva helped Norwegian midfielder Matthias Normann to get used to Russia. She conquered the midfielder with her expressive forms, because of which she was compared to American celebrity Kim Kardashian. However, the relationship of the couple developed unstable.

It all started with a trip to the football player’s homeland and meeting his parents, but in April 2021 the couple broke up and unfollowed each other on social networks. The reason then was rumors that the girl provided escort services, Violetta categorically denied speculation.

However, in the autumn of the same year, Mathias went on loan to Norwich and did it in the company of an ex-girlfriend. Young people began to meet again, but practically did not advertise their relationship. At some point, Gracheva was suspected of having an affair with Zenit football player Andrey Mostov, but in January 2023, the Norwegian and the Russian woman reminded everyone that they were still together. As it turned out, not for long. During the summer off-season, Matthias Normann showed his girlfriend again, and it was not Violetta Gracheva, although at first glance one could not notice the substitution.

Norman spends his holidays with Israeli model Eden Fiennes.

Eden is 25 years old, in addition to photo shoots and work on the podium, she runs her own blog, and also owns a cosmetics brand. Norman's new girlfriend is quite a popular person. In 2022, TC Candler listed Eden as one of the 100 most beautiful faces of the year. She is signed by such football stars as Neymar, Vinicius and Marco Veratti, moreover, she was seen in the company with Neymar so often that the local media were sure that there was definitely something between the player and the model. Eden Fiennes.

Now it is clear that if there was a novel, it remained in the past. Like Norman's relationship with Violetta Gracheva.


Model Eden Fiennes. Model Eden Fiennes. Photo source: social networks of Violetta Gracheva and Eden Fiennes



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