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Egor Kreed's ex-girlfriend Diana Melison has become the face of the Guess

American brand Guess chose a well-known blogger and actress - 24-year-old Diana Melison as the brand ambassador in Russia. Before the model and artistic career, Diana Melison won audience over with her explicit photos: the girl showed off her figure in photosessions for the modeling agency Alexander Mavrin. A few years ago, the videos with Diana Melison, in which she is seen making out with the girl leaked online.

At different times faces of Guess and the more expensive Guess by Marciano line became the icon of fashion Claudia Schiffer, the legendary model Anna Nicole Smith and the modern supermodel Gigi Hadid. Irina Shayk  and Kate Upton participated in the advertising campaign for Guess jeans.

However, the Guess brand is not at all embarrassed by the filmography of the model. According to the representatives of the brand in Moscow, the scandalous past of Diana Melison did not prevent her from signing a contract with Guess.

"It's an old story, and we do not want to discuss it. We worked with Diana Melison before, and we continue to work. We do not intend to interrupt cooperation with her," - commented the Principe PR Prive agency, representing Guess in Russia.

Diana Melison Photo: Social networks 

Diana Melison is a model, originally from St. Petersburg. She became famous after she met Alexander Mavrin, a rather popular photographer known for his racy photo shoots. It was his photo with the image of Diana which graced the cover of the "Faces!" magazine. That brought the girl first fame. Later, she participated in the action of Pavel Durov, when the girls of model appearance handed out to everyone who wanted the branded VKontakte T-shirts.

There is no exact information about how Egor Kreed and Diana Melison met. According to some information, they met in a nightclub, on the other, young people first saw each other on the set when Diana Melison and Egor Kreed participated together in an advertising photo shoot for a brand of clothing.

Their romance bega n in the spring of 2013 and lasted about eight months. The very ex-girlfriend of Egor Kreed Diana Melison says that she was amazed at how persistent the young man chased her. Egor spent almost a month trying to achieve the girl's favor. In the end, she gave up and started having affair with Kreed.

Why Diana Melison and Egor Kreed separated?

However, the idyll did not last long.  Shortly thereafter, they broke up. The reason for breakup of Egor Kreed and Diana Melison was the jealous character of Egor. The model herself pays for her own housing in Moscow, and the main income comes from participating in advertising photography for companies producing underwear. Egor did not like that Diana partisipated for racy photoshoots, he wanted the girl to give up such contracts.

However, when Diana offered Egor to pay for her housing, the famous rapper did not answer. After that, there was a clear discord in the relationship. Soon, Diana Melison learned of Egor's numerous affairs, and the couple broke up. Then came an attempt to restart relationship, but Egor again could not stay loyal. Diana said in an interview that Egor Kreed is just not yet mature enough for a serious relationship. 

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