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Deva Cassel starred in advertising for Dolce & Gabbana perfume


Deva Cassel starred in advertising for Dolce & Gabbana perfume Photo:

The young model, who is the favorite of the Italian brand, has presented a new fragrance, Dolce Rose.

The daughter of famous actors Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, Deva became the face of the Dolce Rose beauty campaign of the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. The footage from the shooting appeared in the media back in August last year, and on the eve of Valentine's Day a special ad was released. In the video, a smiling 16-year-old Deva walks the streets of Bellagio in a short white dress with ruffles. Her gentle look was complemented by curls and natural makeup. She also appears in a floral swimsuit.


In the advertising photo shoot, the young model appears against the backdrop of the Alps and Lake Como, holding the new Dolce Rose fragrance in her hands.







Recall that the Deva's father Vincent Cassel and his young wife Tina Kunakey became the faces of the new collection The Kooples.


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