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Daughter of Ivan Urgant Erika Kiknadze starred in advertising brand Marc Jacobs


Ivan Urgant 's daughter Erika Kiknadze (she is not Urgant's own daughter. Erika is the child of his second wife Natalia Kiknadze, but Urgant raised her since childhood) appeared in an advertisement for the Heaven streetwear line, which designer Marc Jacobs launched in 2020. Jacobs himself also starred in a campaign that featured fashion influencers. A series of shots released as an announcement of the new collection, which will be on sale on September 9th.

Heaven is worn by many celebrities, including Bella Hadid, Lourdes Leon, Kate Moss , Christina Ricci , Dua Lipa and more. ADVERTISING Erika Kiknadze for Heaven commercial Erika Kiknadze for Heaven commercial Marc Jacobs for Heaven Marc Jacobs for Heaven Advertising Heaven


Heaven Erika Kiknadze has been living in New York for a long time and is not indifferent to the fashion industry. On Instagram*, the girl often publishes her photos in various images inspired by the fashion of the 90s and zero, and has even made it to the popular public street fashion in New York @watchingnewyork. Erica often finds herself in the center of attention because of the candid photos that she publishes. Erika Kiknadze Erika Kiknadze Erika Kiknadze Recently, Ivan Urgant congratulated Erica on her birthday, joking that she wears his clothes. Something incredibly touching and aching when your daughter wears your old things, and they sit on her just as well as they once did on you, he wrote.


Erika Kiknadze

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