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Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant from Dimitri Rassam?

It seems that the 30-year-old Princess of Monaco Charlotte is pregnant for the second time. Who's the father?

The spouse of the Russian supermodel Masha Novoselova, the French producer Dimitri Rassam, could not resist the charms of the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and the granddaughter of the brilliant actress Grace Kelly, Charlotte Casiraghi.  It seems that Dimitri is still not officially divorced. But Charlotte is clearly not a fan of marriage bonds: she gave birth to her first child from actor Gad Elmaleh in 2013, without getting married. There was no wedding with Rassam, and pregnancy, according the Italian edition of Chi, already exists. Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam

Model Masha Novoselova married French producer Dimitri Rassam in 2010. The story of the life of the model had made her the envy of many, because the girl had a long way to success. And it seemed that after the meeting with the future spouse, the fate of Novoselova could not get better, while Dimitri did not start having affair with the 30-year-old Princess of Monaco by Charlotte Casiraghi. The last time Novoselova and Rassam were seen together at the Cesar award ceremony in 2016. After only a few months, the media unanimously announced the separation of the couple, and in December of last year the public began discussing the relationship between Dimitri and Charlotte.

Despite the fact that according to the available information, Rassam is still the legal spouse of the model Masha Novoselova, he does not intend to be separated from the representative of the royal family. Italian magazine Chi published fresh pictures of a couple who were resting on the Caribbean islands. Judging by the photographs, Charlotte's belly is considerably rounded. The European tabloid says that Casiraghi is most likely pregnant. It is interesting that the niece of Prince Monaco often preferred loose dresses for the last outings, but the paparazzi probably declassified the secret of Casiraghi and Rassam.

Italian tabloid Chi

Italian tabloid Chi

Charlotte Casiraghi 

It seems that in a few months the Princess of Monaco will become a mother for the second time. No official confirmation, however. Moreover, neither Masha Novoselova nor Dimitry Rassam give any comments on the divorce process, so it remains unclear how the relationship between Dimitri and Casiraghi will develop. If Charlotte is really expectig a child, then the baby will become a stepbrother or sister of Dasha - the six-year-old daughter of Dimitry Rassam and Masha Novoselova.

Masha Novoselova and Dmitry Rassam 

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