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Charges crystals, takes moon baths and reads affirmations: Kate Moss spoke about her habits


The other day, Kate Moss gave a long interview to The Times, in which she said that she is interested in crystals, moon baths and reading affirmations. The supermodel, who turns 50 in January, has given up partying, moved from bustling London to the countryside in the Cotswolds and is now dedicating herself to developing cosmetics brand Cosmos. We studied the interview and retells the main thing.

Moon baths

Instead of leading an active social life, Kate Moss focused on her health. Moss practices moon baths, an Ayurvedic ritual that involves lying under the light of the moon to “recharge with energy.” She also hoards healing crystals and says her favorites are rose quartz and melonite. Many believe that rose quartz, which represents love and compassion, helps to achieve spiritual harmony, while melonite has protective properties and increases stamina. Moss said she is "charging" your crystals on the full moon.

"I put all my crystals on a tray and display them in the garden. This way they are charged,” said the model.

Crystals have been popular among celebrities for many years: Kim Kardashian published photos of her “treasures” back in 2017, and the Olsen sisters gave them out in gift sets at their fashion show in 2018.

For "connection with the Universe" Kate Moss swims in a secret pond where only locals go. The star admitted that the location is close to her new home, a listed mansion near Little Faringdon, West Oxfordshire.


Kate Moss at the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2024 show 

Transcendental Meditation

In the mornings, Kate Moss also practices transcendental meditation for 10 minutes and reads affirmations. This form of meditation involves repeating an individual mantra for 10-15 minutes a day. Some of Kate's favorite affirmations include “Embrace the Unknown.” and “Trust the Universe, it will show you the way.”


Kate Moss Kate Moss at Met Gala 2023/

Among other things, the model does Ashtanga yoga and Pilates. Kate also now goes to bed early. She leaves parties at midnight - “this is the time when everyone has already said everything, and then they will only repeat themselves.” Watching the American sitcom Frasier helps her fall asleep. “This show just puts me to sleep,” the model admitted.

About skin care

Kate says that at the peak of her career she "didn't give a damn" on what beauty products she used. However, she never used sunscreen. "A lot of brands think about science and ingredients. We at Cosmos do too, but I wanted to create products that grounded and connected to the Universe,” she added.


Kate Moss Kate Moss at Met Gala 2023/

Kate is not at all worried about her upcoming anniversary: ​​“I don’t think about it. I don't feel like I'm 50." When Kate was asked if she had any injections or Botox injections, Moss replied: “No comment.” Au naturel. Next question."

About a bad habit


Despite Moss' attempts to live a healthier lifestyle, she admits there's just one bad habit she can't break. "I still smoke from time to time. I heard that when you quit, it shows on your skin. But I haven’t given up... yet,” the model admitted.

Recently, photographs of a model with a cigarette appeared online, which provoked a wave of discussions. Internet users paid attention to Kate's skin and decided that nicotine was the cause of her dull complexion and wrinkles. The media calls Kate Moss "the greatest smoker of all time" — in many iconic photographs of the 1990s and 2000s, the supermodel poses with a cigarette. In the past, Kate had many bad habits - not only smoking, but also alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

About gardening

Kate said that she grows potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce and arugula on her plot. She constantly uses vegetables from the garden to prepare Sunday lunch for her daughter. 20-year-old Lila is following in the footsteps of her famous mother andis building a modeling career. She became the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty in 2018 and then made her runway debut at the Miu Miu spring/summer 2021 show during Paris Fashion Week in 2020.


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