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Cassel's wife, Tina Kunakey showed off a magnificent neckline and slender legs

21-year-old Tina Kunakey attended another party that took place as part of the Paris Fashion Week. The wife of Vincent Cassel appeared at the event, which was held in the Paris Mint. The event was organized with the support of a large online retailer of luxury brands Luisa Via Roma.

Kunakey chose a miniature dress with a deep neckline and patent leather shoes with shiny buckles.

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Tina Kunakey

The image was very attractive. Cassel was lucky with his wife, slim, with a lush chest, like Monica Bellucci, and even very young. It is even a pity that Vincent did not join Tina this time.

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Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel

Recall that at the same event appeared Alessandra Ambrosio, who just came out with her new lover.

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