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Brad Pitt had a rest in the company of models

The husband of Angelina Jolie is "hanging out”. Brad Pitt gave another reason for the rumors that his marriage to Angelina Jolie came to an end. Recently, the actor not only goes out without his wife, but is regularly seen in the company of different beauties. At this time, actor, who was invited to a California motorcycle show, rested in the company of models.

Judging by the pictures, Brad had a great time. He was strolling through the area with a glass of beer in his hand and, according to witnesses, he was flirting with curvy models. He was photographed with young ladies and looked absolutely happy. However, it is possible that visitors of the show exaggerated all they`ve seen, and Pitt was just trying to be friendly with the female fans. However, many fans regarded his behavior as a direct proof: Brad and Jolie aren't doing well..

Angelina, who is now headed for a political career, categorically refused to comment on the personal life. Rumors about the problems in the family accompany her almost from the first day of romance with Pitt, but she regularly denied them, assuring others that their family was all about love.

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