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Before Ronaldo and Cooper: who were the first boyfriends of the charming Irina Shayk?


For a spectacular appearance, Irina Shayk does not need a couple - the model alone is able to make a splash on the red carpet. But if her past romances with Bradley Cooper and Cristiano Ronaldo are still on everyone's lips, then everyone has already forgotten about the first boyfriends of the star - we remind you who these men were. 

Irina Shayk's career began with a victory in the Chelyabinsk beauty contest "Supermodel 2004", where she met scout Gia Dzhikidze. He invited her to try her hand as a professional model. Already in 2005, Shayk began working with Europe and the USA, but in 2007 she had her first major success - she received a contract with the Intimissimi lingerie brand.

So Irina became a recognizable and popular model, which, of course, was immediately followed by paparazzi and gossip reporters. And, of course, everyone was interested not only in the new exits of the Russian beauty on the podium, but also in the details of her personal life.


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The model's first alleged boyfriend was Linkin Park drummer Rob Bourdon. They began dating in 2007, and their relationship lasted two years. However, there was almost no documentary evidence left - even then Irina was rather secretive and was in no hurry to put her personal on display. They did not comment on their romance, so the journalists had to rely only on insider information.


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After breaking up with Rob, in February 2009, Irina started an affair with the Brazilian fashion model Arthur Sales. However, then many thought that it was only a planned affair in order to maintain interest in the fashion campaign in which both starred. Even so, the “staging” turned out to be quite lengthy - Irina and Artur were considered a couple for the whole of 2009, and only in November did they part ways.


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Well, already in 2010, Shayk began dating the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. By the way, she also met him at work - during the filming of the Armani campaign. This was the first long-term romance of the model, which was already developing in front of everyone: Krish and Irina often went out together, and on vacation they were pursued by the paparazzi.


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They broke up in 2015, and Irina immediately plunged into a new relationship - with Bradley Cooper, from whom she later gave birth to a daughter, Leah.


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Now the model is not officially dating anyone and, given her previous history, we can say that the pause has been a little longer. However, Irina does not cease to intrigue the public, giving rise to rumors about novels with Kanye West, then with Leonardo DiCaprio. We can only wait and guess who will be her new boyfriend.


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