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Became a simpleton: what the girl doll Ira Brown looks like today?


Her modeling career began when the girl was only two years old, but it all ended quickly. Ira Brown at 2 years old / screenshot from Ira Brown at 2 years old / screenshot from

Ira Brown was born in America in 2009. At the age of two, she won the title of the most beautiful girl in the world thanks to her doll-like appearance. We tell you what she became famous for in her years and what she looks like now.

Ira Brown: biography

Ira's parents noticed in 2011 that their daughter looked like a Barbie doll. The resemblance to the most popular children's toy was in the plump lips, large blue eyes, thick white hair and round rosy cheeks.


Ira Brown / screenshot from Ira Brown / screenshot from

Starting from the age of two, Ira took part in hundreds of beauty contests and became one of the most sought-after child models, but at the age of 6-7 years, her doll-like appearance began to disappear. 

The girl’s mother, who at that time had already been inspired by fame and seemed to have suffered from star fever, was very worried about this, so she made up Ira, dyed her hair, and applied artificial strands to increase her resemblance to Barbie.

The child, who at that age was absolutely unprepared for constant filming and a frantic work rhythm, got tired. Fans and the press, seeing the girl, began to accuse her parents of stealing her childhood.

Today Ira Brown is an ordinary schoolgirl. It is still unclear what she would like to become in the future, but at the moment she already has both modeling and film experience behind her, so she is provided with a portfolio.

What does Ira Brown look like now?

The girl has changed a little with age. The first thing that catches your eye when looking at her photo is that she has gained some weight. It's possible that weight gain is related to genetics or a busy schedule during childhood.


Ira Brown today / screenshot from Ira Brown today / screenshot from 

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