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Anastasia Reshetova about the scandalous video from the wedding in Uzbekistan and domestic violence: "Crimes against women have no borders"


Timati's former lover Anastasia Reshetova, who converted to Islam last year, wrote a big post on Instagram * about religion and domestic violence.

I don't make myself an ambassador for domestic violence, I just want the issue to be talked about, and not from time to time or when a video of a battered woman resurfaces on social media. We need to publicize these things. Society and the media have forced the government to pay attention to what is happening in Uzbekistan. This is already a big step! Many believe that the government will not change anything, because the problem is in the mentality and culture, in which religion is an integral part of it. She urged not to think in stereotypes and stressed that religion and faith cannot encourage violence against women.

Abu Dawud narrated the words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!): "You should give her food when you eat, dress her when you dress yourself, and do not hit her in the face ... Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) said : "Verily, Allah commands us to treat women well!". Verily, these are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your aunts. Verily, a man in the Holy Scripture married a patient woman (never hit her without leaving a trace on her body). And they died in old age, loving each other. Please explain to me how violence against women can be possible in a religion that honors them? This is not a problem of religion, this is a problem of society. I will insist that domestic society generates violence, not religion. Crimes against women have no geographical and cultural boundaries," Reshetova summed up.

Apparently, the model wrote her post in the footsteps of a video from a wedding in Uzbekistan, which was widely discussed around the world. A short amateur record was taken on June 6 in Surkhandarya, it showed how a husband hit his wife on the head, angry because she won the competition, not him. Later it became known that the man apologized to his wife and her family, the newlyweds reconciled, and the administrative case for hooliganism was closed, as the victim withdrew the application. The situation was commented on by many public people, including the daughter of the President of Uzbekistan, who sharply condemned her husband's act. The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan also became interested in the incident: they reported that they had begun to study the possibility of introducing a separate criminal article punishing domestic violence.

Reshetova often visits mosques, writes many signatures on social networks in Arabic, congratulates subscribers on Muslim holidays, is photographed in outfits with her head covered, and considers the Koran her reference book.


Anastasia Reshetova


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