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Alena Shishkova admitted that she suffered anorexia and bulimia for eight years and weighted 45 kg



Recently, many followers and even celebrities have discussed the blonde's appearance that has changed beyond recognition. She was accused of abusing fillers and plastic surgery. However, the reason for such changes turned out to be much more serious. 

Shishkova admitted that she had been treated for anorexia and bulimia for eight years and weighted 45 kg.

Alena Shishkova never hid that, in pursuit of beauty, she uses the services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Therefore, in early August, Timati's ex-lover openly informed followers about the upcoming operation. Upon learning this, netizens again began to ask the model to stop. After all, in their opinion, she already spoiled her natural appearance with all sorts of beauty manipulations. However, Shishkova carried out her plan, and thereby only strengthened the hate in her address. For many years, the blonde did not respond to the offensive words of ill-wishers, but now something has changed.


Shishkova admitted that she had been treated for anorexia and bulimia for eight years. Alena Shishkova in the show "Heirs and impostors" Alena got in touch with followers and said: for several years she was going through the most difficult period in her life.

“Beauty and health attract, delight, and when suddenly something is wrong, it immediately begins: go to eat, match legs, thin arms, injected fillers, cheekbones balls,” the model quoted all those who criticized her on the Web.


Shishkova in the show "Heirs and impostors"

Shishkova noted that if earlier she could cope with the negative, then recently its number has reached its climax.

“After my appearances on the TV show “Heirs”, “Stars in Africa”, mass criticism poured out in all media. And even many popular people walked "boots" on my modest face. Endless photos "before / after" walked around the public and Telegram channels. And there were also reviews of my “problem areas” from super-cosmetologists who had never even seen me, but did not miss the opportunity to “jump into the topic” and promote their “professional” knowledge, ”Shishkova said

And Alena is not disingenuous. Indeed, there was a lot of hate even from celebrities in her address. For example, Victoria Bonya noticed the presence of “heavy cheeks, a puffy chin and a heavy upper lip” in the rapper’s former lover and urged to contact her to help “correct the mistake of the cosmetologists who disfigured her so much.” Ksenia Sobchak compared Alena with Daria Pynzar, a former participant in the Dom-2 reality show, and Lisa Moryak admitted that she used to like the model, but now she is a living example of the harm of fillers. 

However, as it turned out, all these drastic changes in appearance were in no way associated with plastic surgery. For several years she suffered from a terrible disease. Alena did not want to talk about it until the problem was solved:

“I deliberately did not comment on all these attacks against me, because there really was a problem. And how long. More precisely, two. And they are called bulimia and anorexia. But I wanted to solve them first, and then comment on something.”

Shishkova's treatment took eight years. She underwent weight gain treatments in various clinics and sanatoriums, passed all the necessary tests, listened to verdicts and recommendations. On the advice of experts, she drank all the medicines, dietary supplements, pills and liquids that were prescribed for her to gain weight. But the relapses have not gone anywhere.

Alena is fine now. Her health is gradually returning to normal. She is in rehab. But it only helped her at the Institute for the Study of Eating Disorders. It was there that she had been in recent months under the strict supervision of specialists. She entered the clinic with a critical weight of 45 kg. Her legs were thinner than the arms of many women, she regularly fainted, and her body was seized with convulsions. Shishkova admitted that she had been treated for anorexia and bulimia for eight years - fainting, convulsions and weight 45 kg

Doctors, psychologists and nutritionists were in constant contact with her. It was they who managed to “restart” Alena’s body, and give the model a new life. Shishkova managed to get rid of the swelling on her face that bothered her so much, from dependence on diuretics and learn to eat normally, without limiting herself in anything.

"I am good. I have understood a lot in recent months, I really want to return to an active life, ”the model assured, expressing the hope that her difficult story will help girls who are faced with similar troubles.


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