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Alena Shishkova admitted that she follows Timati's personal life


Anastasia Reshetova categorically denies any interest in Timati's personal life. She is generally very offended by the rapper for the fact that he went to a reality show in search of a soul mate as soon as he broke up with her. According to the model, this news came as a shock to her. Anastasia was especially upset by the fact that her son Ratmir was watching the show. Despite the small age of the baby, he was already discouraged by the fact that dad was on the TV screen in the company of unfamiliar girls. Therefore, Reshetova watched only one episode of the project, so as never to turn on it again.

But Alena Shishkova reacted to the show much more calmly. Another ex-lover of Timati honestly admitted that she watches reality and even is rooting for one of the participants - however, the girl has already left the project. Fans are curious - is Alena still worried about the personal life of her ex-boyfriend? After breaking up with Timati, the girl was never seen in a serious relationship, but fans are surprised that Shishkova is still interested in the rapper's passions. By the way, the couple broke up less than a year after the birth of daughter Alice - and many blame Reshetova for their separation..



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