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After a divorce from a millionaire Liza Adamenko shared a photo with a new boyfriend

После развода с миллионером Лиза Адаменко поделилась фото с новым другом

In the spring, model Liza Adamenko was in a difficult situation. The girl accused her husband, 55-year-old top manager of Lukoil Valentin Ivanov of hitting her. In April, the couple finally broke up and 18-year-old Liza returned to her native Krasnoyarsk. And, it seems, the girl has already forgotten about past troubles. Liza enjoys life in her hometown and recently hinted at a readiness for a new relationship. 

Recall, last year Adamenko 's wedding with Ivanov provoked a scandal. At the beginning of the year, the girl accused him of domestic violence and stated that the man had destroyed her passport. The businessman also said that his young wife sometimes lets her imagination run wild: "Nobody insulted Liza. Journalists go overboard in their infatuation, after which Liza herself more than once apologized for her emotions. " However, in April the  pair broke up. After a divorce from a millionaire Liza Adamenko shared a photo with a new friend

18-year-old Liza Adamenko has divorced from the 55-year-old top manager of Lukoil Valentin Ivanov with a scandal. According to Valentin, Liza cheated on him. And if you believe Liza, the ex-husband repeatedly beat her. Spouses lived in marriage for less than a year. However, neither Ivanov, nor Adamenko, apparently worry about parting ways. The head of the Lukoil branch in Singapore hinted that he had already found Liza's replacement, and that Liza in turn became actively friends with peers.

There were photos with an unknown young man on Liza's Instagram. The girl published on Instagram a spectacular photo with a peer and wrote: "There is any friendship between a boy and a girl. I love! ". Subscribers of Adamenko noted that she looks with a young man very well. Even if there is only a friendly relationship between them. Some subscribers of Liza began to congratulate her on new relationships, while others warned the girl, they say, there is no friendship between a man and a woman.


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