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55-year-old top manager of "Lukoil" Valentin Ivanov married 17-year-old model Liza Adamenko

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55-year-old tycoon Valentin Ivanov, married 17-year-old model Liza Adamenko. Valentin headed department of "Lukoil" company in Singapore. According to rumors, Valentin started dating Liza when she was 13 years old. The romance between lovers has been going on for almost four years.

Ivanov began dating a girl at the beginning of her modeling career, when 13-year-old Lisa had left his native Kansk, located in Siberia.

Couple preferred to keep their relationship a secret, but Liza regularly posted pictures of expensive boutiques, gourmet restaurants and luxurious resorts on Instagram.

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Model talked about her love, however, not naming names: "Sometimes we so often do not notice this behavior, feelings and believe empty, nowhere leading words. How great it is to grow up and understand. To understand the world as it is, and to be loved. Being loved as much as possible. When he crosses half the world to see you, leaving all his work, knowing that you are afraid to fly alone or just afraid to stay without him. When you can not sleep without his hand under your head. When you did not need any words, I takes one look -… it's perfectly fine thank you, love, "- she wrote..

Wedding of the couple has been reported by a popular blogger on Instagram Emilia Vishnevskaya, who has shared pictures from the wedding of friends on the French Riviera. Wedding took place at the ancient castle Chateau Saint-Jeannet. Bride has chosen the dress by Vera Wang.

Apparently, Emilia was a bridesmaid at a posh wedding of manager of "Lukoil" Valentin Ivanov and model Liza Adamenko.



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