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5 Interesting facts about Vincent Cassel's new girlfriend Narah Baptista, who looks like his ex-wife


Instagram: @narahbaptista

Who managed to win Vincent's heart?

In April 2023, Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey broke up after seven years of relationship. Apparently, the actor managed to “forget” his ex-lover in six months. His chosen one was Narah Baptista, who painfully resembles the actor’s ex. We collected 5 interesting facts about the girl. Let's talk!

1. Australian citizenship


Narah Baptista spent most of her life in Australia, where she lived with her mother. It is known that the girl has Australian and Brazilian roots.

2. "Miss Universe"


She began her modeling career in Australia. Narah's first step was to participate in the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2020. Then she entered the top 15 and stated that her dream was to become an actress.

3. Model



Today the girl works as a model and is a member of the Elite Models agency.

4. Hobby


Among the favorite activities of Vincent's chosen one are spending time with family and friends, listening to Latin American music and dancing. She also loves to experiment with her hair. Previously, the girl shaved them off, made them dreadlocks and even bleached them.

5. Black Lives Matter


Narah is also an ardent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and believes that this problem will not go away without the continued efforts of the entire global community. 


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