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17-year-old Lesya Kafelnikova was criticized for the extreme thinness

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17-year-old daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Alesya was criticized for the extreme thinness. Despite the criticism, Lesya continued to be on a diet and lose weight. Model is an active Instagram user and shares the moments of her life, as well as the results of diets with her followers.

This time Lesya surprised subscribers not only by her thinness, but also by her sexy look. In the images shared to Instagram, Lesya is seen in a black tight-fitting bathing suit with lacing. Suit emphasized Kafelnikova’s slender figure, but the fans did not appreciate this. At this time, users do not like not only the excessive thinness of the model, but also sexuality.

"Oh-oh-oh ... really ... Sadness. I think it's time to pass a law banning underweight models","You need to eat more! This is anorexia. You won't need money, if only for the treatment", "sexy image "," Alesya, you have anorexia, you can say now that you eat everything, but you have obvious signs of an eating disorder"," What a horror "," Why "," You're 17? "-! wrote subscribers.

At growth of 175 cm Alesya Kafelnikova weighs 49 kilograms, but model want to lose two kilograms. Fans of 17-year-old model could not help but note that over the past few months, the daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov really lost a tremendous amount of weight, and it is noticeable to the naked eye: fairly slim girl dropped more pounds. But Lesya Kafelnikova says she feels good.

Recall the last time Lesya was very thin, and that has caused controversy on the web. According to bloggers, the girl had lost femininity.

Model sometimes responds to criticism of bloggers: "Girls, you're right! Men are no dogs would do not fall on bones! But I promise that soon, maybe five 30 years from now, I'll be like you sitting on the couch watching “Let's get married” program and eat chocolate bars, discussing body mass index and who is fat and who is not! So far, it is not your time! I will be joining you soon, "- she wrote on her Instagram.

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