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Tiffany blue home ideas


Two dozen items of interior color of the desired box

The first Tiffany Blue Book, issued by the main jewelry house of America in 1845 and decorated in a Tiffany blue color, presented to all girls of the planet without exception, blue boxes turned into a cult, and designers and architects had a source of inspiration and a win-win option for decorating anything .

So, 172 years ago Charles Lewis Tiffany chose for his House a color close to the popular in the jewelry art of the XIX century. Turquoise is similar to the unusual color of eggshell eggs of the associated thrush, whose name is the corresponding shade - Robin Egg Blue.  


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If  you already have a couple of blue boxes, so find them friends in tone. If not, then it's never too late to start loving the perfect shade of Tiffany Blue. Moreover, color is a true universal soldier, which means that it will look great in any interior - from "grandma's" to Mediterranean or minimalistic.

We warn at once that it is especially sensitive not to resist the meeting with the turquoise-brass dream chair and the extremely soft Missoni pillows. If your nerves are stale and the approach to shopping is rational, do not deny yourself even a large historical Rizzoli album - the only official publication-satellite of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany", released jointly with Paramount Pictures for the 50th anniversary of the legendary picture (you are expected footage from the filming and from the cut scenes, as well as the original posters and comments of Hubert de Givenchy to the costumes of the main character). Go for new things straight to the Tiffany boutiques of or online stores on the tips below.

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