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The wife of 61-year-old billionaire Lena Perminova showed off a luxurious nursery


The model played with her son and daughter. 

Lena Perminova often posts photos from a country house. As you know, in a luxurious mansion there are several floors. The house is surrounded by a garden with flower beds and shrubs. The model posts one photo after another from rooms that she has not previously shown on social networks. In design, she adheres to minimalism, competently placing plants and decor items.


Lena Perminova showed the royal interior of the nursery. In the video, you can see the luxurious decoration with a chandelier, shelving and areas for creative work: painting and dancing.


By the way, we recently wrote how Vysotskaya showed the updated decor of their country mansion with Konchalovsky. The country house of Yulia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky is located in the Moscow region in the elite village of Nikolina Gora. The cozy mansion is completely made of wood and is surrounded by a garden and a pine forest.

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