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Review on the RoomGPT neural network: how to Design your apartment in a couple of clicks?


If you want to easily redesign your room or home with AI-powered technology, RoomGPT is the perfect tool for you. This app allows users to explore, customize and create stunning room designs effortlessly. RoomGPT uses an ML model called ControlNet to create room variants based on a user uploaded photo. In this article, we will dive into the world of RoomGPT, discussing how it creates dream rooms. 2 A small video, for those who do not like to read =) And now my personal review, let's go

How does RoomGPT create dream rooms?


To create a dream room with RoomGPT, you can take a photo of your room and see how it looks in different design styles. An ML model called ControlNet generates room options based on the uploaded photo. The generated images can be used to visualize the possibilities and bring your vision to life.


Everything is very simple, you can only log in with your Google account. You press enter and it automatically registers you and redirects you to your personal account for generation.

Create a room

I took +-standard rooms for the test, which are often found in our post-Soviet house. On the trial version, we only have 3 free generations, but this is very small and it's unfortunate, but what can you do. After uploading a photo, we can choose 9 design directions


Let's go test. Hall generated in a minimalist design. ADVERTISING POST Quick search for young employees for simple online tasks. Register and get feedback.


I want to note that in principle he respects the location of the window, as well as all the lines, angles and geometry of the room, which of course is a huge plus. Also the location of the doors, you will see a little later. Kitchen generated in modern style.


The kitchen is somehow too plasticine, but still the geometry is ok, the window is ok, not bad in principle. Bedroom, professional style. To: After: This option completely disappointed me, as you can see, he doesn’t really want to change furniture in places and even such a strange arrangement of the sofa, he still left.

RoomGPT prices

3 generations - free

25 generations - 7$

75 generations - 15$

200 generations - 29$

Conclusion: From what I read, it was previously completely free and a large number of users spoke very well of it. Indeed, observance of geometry, location, good design options. All this attracts, of course it looks a little cheap, but more than for the free version. But then the moment came when they made it paid, but you have to pay for everything, but my opinion is expensive.

As you can see, for the most part, he leaves the furniture in its place and simply changes it to a new one in a designer style. Some of the photos don't look quite real and unfortunately he doesn't even give the name of the furniture (manufacturer, model) which would be a plus.

Rating 3 out of 5. There are pros and cons, if you are renovating or moving to a new apartment, why not give it a try. In fact, there are quite a few such sites that generate rooms and architecture using AI, such as Roomgpt , Interior AI , REimagine Home , AI Room Planner , Homedesigns AI , Getfloor Plan , etc. And if you are even more interested in the topic of AI, you want to know more and not miss news and reviews, subscribe to the channel in tenge, I will be pleased -

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