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Polina Gagarina showed off her million dollar mansion


Singer Polina Gagarina conducted a tour of a luxurious country house in the suburbs 

Russian pop singer Polina Gagarina gave a tour of a luxurious mansion in the suburbs . The artist showed subscribers a recently renovated country house in a story on her Instagram .

Experts estimated the cost of such real estate at one million dollars. In the entrance area there is a large round mirror in a wooden frame, under it there is a narrow dark table, and white double doors with glass inserts lead to the main room.

The wardrobe for outerwear in the singer's house is made in gray, there is a metal matte chandelier on the ceiling, and on the wall there is a picture with the silhouette of a girl, to the left of which there is a door leading to the garage. Related materials: “Golden toilets are still popular in the regions” Where and for how much do Russian officials buy housing November 26 The Russians are tired of apartments in megacities. Why is it fashionable to live in the country now? 

In the living room there is a dining table for eight people, and above it hangs a chandelier made of metal rods with luminous structures at the ends - Gagarina called it a work of art. The artist has two kitchens - the main one with an island where the family has breakfast, and a working one for cooking. Among the features of the mansion, the singer named a fireplace lined with mirror panels, with the help of which the designers managed to hide two load-bearing structures in the middle of the room. The celebrity has not yet shown the second floor of the house.

At the end of December, it became known that Polina Gagarina, along with her two children, moved to a new house in the Moscow region. The artist noted that the son and daughter have their own rooms in the mansion. In August, Gagarina complained about the housing construction process, calling it endless. The singer was dissatisfied with the long terms and advised those who plan to build their own house to abandon such an undertaking..

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