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Maria Sharapova is a designer. She showed off a collection of furniture of her own design


Tennis star Maria Sharapova appeared against the backdrop of an elegant interior, which she herself designed.

Maria Sharapova never ceases to amaze. A year ago, the Russian woman left professional sports, but did not sit idle. The former tennis player is always in search of new business and creative endeavors. Her next project is related to furniture design. Sharapova gladly showed off her work on social networks and appeared before the public against the backdrop of an elegant interior, which she herself had designed. At the end of December 2020, Maria Sharapova announced her engagement to British millionaire Alex Gilkes. But the tennis star did not dissolve in wedding preparations, but is very much engaged in his own business, investments and finds time for creativity. So, the other day a Russian woman presented a collection of elegant furniture of her own design for the living room.



The furniture collection includes a mix of multifunctional essentials: a soft plush sofa deep enough to be a guest bed, a comfortable upholstered couch, a minimalist coffee table, a bedside table, an elegant lamp and a rug made from 100% natural jute.


Maria has always preferred minimalism and simplicity. The entire collection of furniture is united by elegant forms and refined details. Throughout the design, the emphasis is on versatility and functionality. And the neutral taupe and olive colors guarantee people that they can easily complement this interior with other decor items.



Sharapova was inspired to design the furniture collection by her travel experiences around the world: “Traveling around the world, I was able to see how different styles and cultures intersect and combine. This collection was born out of my passion for design and inspired by my love for art and architecture. "



Sharapova began to develop the collection when she trained in Italy in 2019, even before leaving the sport. According to Maria, she strived to create a collection of furniture that will be relevant, beautiful and elegant for years to come. As the tennis star admitted, she loved the lamp and the coffee table so much that she had already found a place for them in her home in Los Angeles.



Maria selected all the materials for creating this collection of furniture herself.


By the way, the former tennis player had the opportunity to improve her interior design skills while building and decorating her home in Los Angeles.

Now this experience and knowledge that she gained then came in handy during the creation of the first collection of furniture for the living room. Sharapova completed her American Dream House. There's even a bowling alley! In general, Sharapova has had an interest in the art of design for a very long time. It is known that Maria took part in the creation of a collection of fashion accessories dedicated to her candy brand. In 2018, our artisan Marya had a hand in creating sneakers in which she tried to embody the true style of Los Angeles - the city where she lives.


And even earlier, in 2011, Maria Sharapova presented a collection of bags and covers for rackets, which she developed together with her sponsor-outfitter. The tennis player brought various design elements to the collection: a purse for jewelry and jewelry, a copper plate with the name of Mary, and so on.


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