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Julia Fox explained why she lives in a small and cluttered apartment with mice


Actress Julia Fox explained why she lives with her two-year-old son Valentino in a small and cluttered apartment. According to her, she does not want to raise her son in luxury, so as not to spoil him.

The actress, known for her high-profile but short romance with rapper Kanye West, was condemned after she arranged a room tour of her New York apartment: the stars saw a mess and even mice in the home. In addition to the fact that Fox was reproached for the lack of order, she was called a bad mother.

"Even though I could probably afford a bigger place, for Valentino it feels like a normal life," she said in a new tiktok video. The actress added that she wants to raise her son in her own way: Julia Fox lived in Italy in a one-bedroom apartment as a child.


Julia Fox's apartment


Julia Fox's apartment


Julia Fox's apartment 


In addition, she noted that Valentino has lived in this apartment all his life. “It so happened that this is the same apartment where I brought my son from the hospital, this is his house. There is something sentimental about it,” she said.

Julia Fox has also stated that she doesn't spend a lot of money on her outfits. "Guys, you say, 'She wears thousands of dollars worth of haute couture.' It's couture on loan," she said. "And most of the clothes I wear are made by young designers who are just starting out."

The actress added that she was surprised that the video from her apartment went viral. “I got a lot of mixed reviews, but most of them were good and it warms my heart,” she said. “I used to be the queen of aesthetics and wanted my space to be decorated a certain way, but then I realized that something more".

Earlier in the video, Julia Fox admitted that she recorded a room tour to show that she was "ordinary" despite her popularity. She stated that she found "excessive display of wealth distasteful". Photos: social networks

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