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Petr Axenoff's showroom in the Russian real estate

jewelry showroom design

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This jewelry showroom looks like living room in the Russian real estate.

Jeweler Petr Aksenoff became quite a well known internationally - Eva Green appeared in the Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows” in the Axenoff jewellery ring, his collection was featured in BBC’ TV series “War and Peace”. It became clear that a brand that has been successfully sold in different points from Moscow to Paris, must have his own address.

Socialite Petr Aksenoff was looking for the possibility to twist his own jewelry showroom. He was looking for a place with a special history, in common with the philosophy of the brand itself. Having found it, he was waiting a year. But it was worth it he got the place with literary and cultural roots. Petr was able to "grab" a room in the mansion between Povarskaya and Malaya Nikitskaya. The mansion is considered the prototype of the Rostov’s house in "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. "Perhaps my salon is located just in the Natasha’s bedroom!" - Laughs Petr.

jewelry showroom design

The owner calls it “salon”. It is no coincidence: it is believed that this old mansion on Povarskaya street became the prototype of the house of Tolstoy's Natasha Rostova.

The interior of the Petr Aksyonoff’s jewelry showroom is a mixture of styles, eras and cultures. It combines antique furniture with his own sketches hanging on the walls. All Items were gathered from all over the world. Some furniture is designed for the studio of the Italian brand Provasi, some pieces Petr moved here from his own apartment, some brought from trips abroad. Therefore, every thing here has its own special history. Peter found carpet at the Dagestani bazaar as well as mirror from Murano glass was brought from Venice. The old samovar, brought by Pyotr Aksenoff’s friend is more than a piece of art, it is the epitome of Russian tea culture. Following the tradition of Russian nobility, Axenoff usually holds a tea receptions in honour of his clients and muses.

Chairs and ottoman by Francesco Molon. The mirror over the fireplace, Ongaro e Fuga. Chandelier by Schonbek. The screen in front of an antique fireplace, bought in St. Petersburg. The screen is made to order with pattern "Peoples of Russia" by Olga Thompson. XVIII century furniture with upholstery "Firebird", by designer Olga Thompson.

The jeweler Petr Aksenoff in his salon at the desk by Francesco Molon.

A 18-century dresser, founded in the store on the street Katchalov, in which Aksenov keeps boxes and bags for his products.  Hanging mirror, bought at a flea market in Paris. Vases by Francesco Molon. Plaster bas-reliefs on the wall - souvenirs brought from Pavlovsk.

"At the beginning of my career I was working in my apartment which was full of ton of drawings and sketches lying around everywhere. But I did not want to have a "simple shop" somewhere in the mall. I wanted an open and intimate, almost residential location. Not a retail outlet, but a kind of salon, where people come not only for shopping, but for communication, "- says Petr. As a result, his showroom looks like the living room and has become a place for meeting friends and private evenings.

jewelry showroom design

With a special love Axenoff says about the pictures that are in the jewelry showroom. Portraits of members of the Romanov family were painted exclusively for Axenoff’s salon by Vera Glazunova - daughter of the famous Ilya Glazunov. (pictured: Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, the founder of the Martha and Mary Convent). But more important than all of the paintings on the walls of the jewelry showroom is the icon, which was painted by Axenoff’s mother.

jewelry showroom design

A 18-century table, which once stood at Versailles, was transformed into a jewelery shop window. It specifically sought for showroom by antiquarian Lina Travkina.

Before he invited guests to his "home", he did a great job - restored moldings and fireplace, painted walls in the sky-blue color in a style of the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka (no wonder at the same time with the repair he designed jewelery collection dedicated to the Crimea), covered old parquet with Dagestan carpets purchased in the market in Izmailovo ("I love it very much").

showroom design

As a friend and admirer of talent textile designer Olga Thompson, Petr used curtains with pattern "Peoples of Russia", and 18-century antique chairs from Headset were upholstered with fabric "Firebird".

Twisted brooches, earrings, lockets and elegant tiara seem the ideal continuation of the interior.

In Axenoff’s 60 m2 jewelry showroom antiques mixed with modern things, designer items with things from flea markets.


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