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How to be parisian wherever you are: The secrets of French apartments

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Creating the right mood for a Parisian apartment is more important than buying a new sofa or a right fashion wallpapers. In fact, the life of this Parisian apartment is organized thanks to the natural light. It is daylight that dictates the layout of the French house and regulates its vital functions. Parisian woman thinks about lighting in the apartment as well as she thinks about her own makeup. She makes it soft to soften contours. She would never allow anything neon, if the color is not a part of decorative detail. The aim is to create a warm and romantic atmosphere with multiple lights to create different moods for different rooms.


This is a strategic location. If you have enough space, it is necessary to create two different areas: on one side the dining room with soft lighting, where French woman inspires and seduces; On the other side your working space with a direct light to prepare roast lamb without hurting your finger.

In the living room:

French woman focuses on the corners in the room to expand the space.

Instead of a massive ceiling, Parisian woman uses many small lamps, of course, if she does not inherited an impressive antique chandeliers from her grandmother, in which low-power light bulbs can be used. Parisian woman also loves to decorate the apartment with a few candles here and there, but never on a low table: light coming from the bottom only emphasizes the bags under your eyes and forms an unnecessary shadow under your nose.

In the bedroom:

Forget about boring lamps that draw attention to a few extra pounds. The only source of light here should be light in your closet and reading lamp, which is never too harsh as it would only damage your eyes.

Bathroom in Paris apartment

- It is the best friend of Parisian woman. Parisian woman does not let bathroom ruin her mood: she will choose a flattering light, even if it is a bit dim, the main thing for it - to feel good and confident.


Parisian woman buys flowers to decorate the apartment.

Big window:

One of the favorite activities of the Parisian woman - sit by the window and stare into space.

Taboo in the apartment

Every nation has its own rules and customs. As for the Parisian apartments, then they have a set of codes and rules.

One Parisian Taboo - to have a wedding photo on display in your living room.

Instead of banal wedding photography Parisian woman creates a mood board, which includes:

Postcard from holidays.

Cutting from the newspaper or the scenes of the cult film or magazine.

A photo. Photos of you (not too flattering, they should not scream "look how beautiful I am"). Your baby photo, a blurred Polaroid shot or black and white.

Things that make you smile (concert tickets, postcards, collected here and there).

A quote, a poem, a handwritten letter.

Vintage black and white photograph that you found in an antique shop, or that belonged to someone from your family.

Seashells collected from here and there.

Items that are always with you and bring you pleasure when you look at them, because they tell your story.

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