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Celebrity interiors through the eyes of a neural network: how does apartments of Marylin Monroe, Coco Chanel, Freddie Mercury look like?


The editors of the New Hearth, using the Midjourney neural network, designed the interiors of cult personalities - Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, Coco Chanel, Freddie Mercury and others. Here's what happened.  How far has the neural network fantasy gone?

Coco Chanel


Mademoiselle's living room was designed by the neural network as a fusion of modern lines and Rococo aesthetics. We can well imagine Chanel sitting on a chair with carved legs and a high back, but how could this not very comfortable sofa and gloomy colors of the walls be criticized. Her Parisian mansion on the rue Cambon looked very flamboyant with baroque decor, side by side with items from a wide range of countries and eras - from Ancient Greece to China. But little remains of her Scottish home - photos can be viewed in our material .

Faina Ranevskaya


The actress lived almost all her life in a communal apartment in cramped conditions: only an armchair, a table with a mirror, an ottoman and a bedside table fit in one room. Faina Georgievna even compared herself with Diogenes, who lived in a barrel: it was impossible to turn around in her dwelling. But the neural network “settled” Ranevskaya in truly royal chambers with a huge bed, parquet and stucco on the ceiling. What would Ranevskaya say when she saw such a room? 

Freddie Mercury


The lead singer of the Queen furnished his “dream house” in London with taste. “I would like to lead a Victorian life surrounded by fine knick-knacks,” he said. In the interior, which the neural network presented, there is a lot of what Mercury could like - heavy carved furniture, a canopy, an expensive chandelier and a carpet. Good version.

Grace Kelly


For a long time, artificial intelligence could not decide on the colors of the possible living room of the Princess of Monaco, perhaps because real photographs from her Philadelphia house exist only in black and white. In it, too, everything is simple - light walls, furniture and natural wood trim. It's easy to imagine what the reading nook in Kelly's house might have looked like today if she hadn't become the wife of a European head of state. 

Feodor Chaliapin


Chaliapin's house neural network 

In the modern living room of Chaliapin, the neural network left art objects and a musical instrument - and where else to sing? The spirit of the artist is definitely present here, although we still cannot get rid of the dissonance due to the neighborhood of the classics with multi-level LED backlighting.

Sergey Yesenin 


An interesting story turned out with the bedroom of Sergei Yesenin. The neural network played a little with the futuristic shape of the sconce, arranged it like high chairs, but caught the main point: there is a landscape with Russian nature on the wall, and the same birch tree that “was covered with snow, like silver”  in the backyard.

Princess Diana


The neural network produced several interesting options that could tell about the hostess that she really appreciated the feeling of comfort, convenience and personal boundaries. We liked these versions of the living rooms the most - you can easily imagine how Princess Diana would have been relaxing on one of these sofas if her life had not been cut short so early.  princess diana neural network

The neural network introduced the living room of Princess Diana PHOTO: NEW HEARTH

And a bonus - the delicate interior of Princess Diana's bedroom. What warm colors, girlish coziness - artificial intelligence definitely presented the mother of William and Harry in a positive light. Princess Diana's bedroom

Marilyn Monroe


Here's what Marilyn Monroe's bedroom might look like in the 21st century. A huge mirror so that you can see yourself from all sides, traditional portraits and an ottoman sofa in the color of your favorite lipstick.

Audrey Hepburn 


The star of the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was relocated by the neural network to a high-tech interior. We do not know if Hepburn could own such a house, but closeness to nature and solitude is in her spirit. The actress lived for 30 years in the village of Toloshna in Switzerland, where no more than two thousand people live.

Amy Winehouse


The star's house was considered "the most rock and roll" in Camden Square in London, but it was quite roomy - 230 square meters. But the neural network understood the personality of Winehouse in its own way, placing it in a cluttered little room with a terrible mess.

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