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Timati: “I have no one to discuss art with. The girls do not understand it, except perhaps Nastya Reshetova "


Timati has a passion for contemporary art, he is ready to talk about it for hours. The artist already has an impressive collection, which conquered only one of his passions - Anastasia Reshetova. 

The 39-year-old musician is as passionate about art objects as he is about business and parties. “I have a classic taste of Tokyo hypebeast. In our country, it is shared by a few, it is specific. Therefore, I see no reason to exhibit my collection anywhere - who will be really interested to see it, not because Timati collected it? Yunusov shares.

It turns out that not all of Timur's companions shared his passion. Only the brunette plunged into this world, which definitely hooked her now ex-boyfriend. “I don’t really have anyone to discuss art with. The girls don’t understand it, except perhaps Nastya Reshetova - she spent a lot of time with me and began to figure it out, now she’s rummaging well who is who, how much and where to get it, ”he says in an interview.


Apparently, only the artist made exclusive gifts to her. “I always have a non-trivial approach. But if a girl does not understand art, then you will just waste a lot of time, money and effort, and she would be happy just with a bracelet or a bag from the store, why does she need such gifts, ”complains Yunusov. 

Timati convinces that he was fired up with the idea of ​​​​collecting not for the sake of showing off wealth. “The auction is the story of who has the most money. I get high from the other, it’s more interesting for me to find a thing and wait for the right moment when they want to sell it. Perhaps, in our country I know everyone who has what I like - everyone has my offer, I sit, I wait, ”the rapper notes. 

By the way, even having a lot of money in the accounts, art dealers treat him with prejudice. “I bought a huge collection from a man who literally sent me three letters - at the price he offered. Not everyone takes me seriously - look at this dude, listen to his music, does he have taste? Taste is a subjective concept. I’m just not stupid,” he emphasizes.

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