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Dance photography by Vladimir Glynin

dance photography

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His virtuosic technique is indebted to the world fashion photography. He worked with Paolo Roversi, shooted Naomi Campbell, Milla Yovovich. Celebrated for his poetic and cinematic vision, Vladimir Glynin bridges the boundaries between commercial fashion and fine arts photography. A romantic and modernist, Glynin showcases the beautiful and atmospheric photographic work that draw the viewer into his otherworldly environment.

This time, one of the most popular fashion photographers - Vladimir Glynin presented his first art project, in which he told the black and white story of "The Swan Lake." For the first time, the “Swan lake story” story is told completely and beautifully with iconic and never-before-published backstage photographs.


Ballet photography by Vladimir Glynin

male dance photography by Vladimir Glynin

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Famous all over the world ballet "Swan Lake" was chosen by Vladimir Glynin consciously. He danced on the stage of the legendary Bolshoi Theatre over the period of ten years. Since then, ballet is a part of his soul, his inspiration. Photographer sought ways to visualize the legendary plot in which he found a wide range of human feelings and emotions, combined with vivid images of the main characters, and that still leaves no one indifferent. Thus the idea of ​​photo stories "The Swan Lake", with its incredible range of the relationship between good and evil, black and white, was born.

Photo allows to capture any event, even the most common, in more interesting ways. Every moment of human life caught by lens camera - it is a little story. Some photos can create a story, and make it more eloquently than a novel. And when the ballet legend merges with the black-and-white photography – it is already a synthesis of art, photography and fashion. Each picture of the project - independent complete work with different mood, but when they come together, there is a powerful, full of dramatic art canvas.

Preparation for the shooting took more than a month. But the shooting itself was carried out in just one day. About a thousand shots were created, but only thirty of them were selected jointly to create a unified and vibrant history. Vladimir Glynin injects the tension characteristic of art from the Romantic era, and the premonition of a storm that is just barely perceptible in the distance.

daance photography by Vladimir Glynin

Heroes of the dance project are the leading soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre, Sergei Filin and Artem Shpilevsky, model Svetlana Shestakova embodied the image of Odette-Odile. They look like the dancers from the past that appear in sensual poses highlighting the design of ballet clothes. Most of the images clearly owe their inspiration to Russian noble ballet heritage, Ballet Russes of Serge Dyagilev and the ideals of classical ballet of the past. In a word, these photographs showcase the ideal ballet.

His set is a celebration of the beauty of the male and female form, as well as the fulfillment of the fantasies surrounding the ballet dancers. Exploring ballet dancer’s forms, this vibrant photographs are replete with photographs and vintage shots illustrating the iconic elements of ballet: tutus, tight pants, muscles. Glynin’s sensual and mesmerizing photographs capture the beauty of bodies.

male dance photography by Vladimir Glynin

Each photo in this beautifully produced dance photoshoot shows a man or men — resting, talking, trying new poses, laying on the floor, or taking a break after rehearsals. It features moving portraits and serene ballet classes, where time stands still.

Glynin brought to ballet his own perspective—aristocratic, sexually ambiguous, and theatrical. Ballet dancers—and their sculpted, healthy bodies— show the beauty of emotions, the perfect plastic and unexpected facets of the characters.

Glynin’s endless fascination with ballet characters and forms makes him to explore the personal realities of modern ballet dancers, capturing their personal and private moments. This set of phographs, filled with compelling examples and scenes drawn from a lifetime of rehearsals, is a stunning tribute to Russian ballet phenomenon.

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