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The best neural networks for drawing


In recent years, graphical neural networks have become indispensable tools in the field of art. They not only help artists and designers turn their ideas into reality, but also create their own masterpieces that amaze with their beauty.

In the new material, we will talk about the best neural networks for drawing, which were able to gain recognition from creative people. Each of them can be tried for free.Content1.Midjourney2.Stable Diffusion3.Kandinsky 2.24.Bing Image Creator5.Broader art6.TonightGAN27.Dream8.This X Does Not Exist9.Crayon10.Starry00Comment (1)


Midjourney is one of the most advanced neural networks for drawing. Through the use of complex algorithms and training on a large amount of data, it is able to generate photorealistic images.

You can try out "Migiorni" on the official server in Discord, or through a bot in Telegram, but there are probably other ways


.Punk girl with doggy by Midjourney

Stable Diffusion

The Stable Diffusion neural network is open source and highly stable and predictable in the image generation process. 

The free distribution model and flexible settings make it one of the best tools for artists and designers.You can download Stable Diffusion for PC here , however, to work with the neural network, you will need powerful hardware and some technical knowledge. If this is not the case, then you can try AI on the DreamStudio and Hugging Face online services .


Works from Stable Diffusion. Source: GitHub

Kandinsky 2.2

The domestic neural network Kandinsky 2.2 from Sberbank is almost as good as its foreign counterparts in terms of the quality of generated images, and is also available for free.

When creating pictures on the official website of the neural network, you can choose the resolution and artistic style, but the Fusion Brain service offers much more options for drawing using Kandinsky 2.2.


Bing Image CreatorThe

Bing Image Creator neural network allows you to bring all your ideas to life using the wide range of images available in Microsoft's Bing search engine.To evaluate the capabilities of this artificial intelligence, just open the Bing Image Creator tab in any browser


Broader art

The Artbreeder neural network allows you not only to generate new images, but also to combine several different artistic styles in one picture. This opens up great opportunities for experimentation and the creative process.



NVIDIA's advanced GauGAN2 neural network is trained on millions of nature photos, so it is able to draw truly photorealistic landscapes from a textual description. In addition, she knows how to transform any sketch into a pictorial work of art.


The Dream neural network is a specialized tool for creating abstract and surreal images. It allows the artist to be transported into the fantasy world and feel like Salvador Dali.


This X Does Not Exist

This X Does Not Exist is a set of neural network-based services that can generate photos of people, cats, food, anime characters, and other objects that do not exist in reality.

For example, using the This Meme Does Not Exist service , we created a unique meme.


And thanks to This Person Does Not Exist, we managed to get a photo of a woman who does not exist in the real world.


The Craiyon neural network is designed to create digital drawings that are close to physical ones. It allows artists and designers to create paintings of various styles, imitate paint textures and even pencil strokes.


Fox stylized as a drawing


The Starryai neural network creates very realistic art based on a text description and has a number of useful settings. When creating an image, you can choose a style, add a reference image, and also specify the level of development and the number of resulting images. 


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