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The artist Anna Kass: who is the alleged daughter of Sergei Sobyanin


Instagram photo* Anna Kass

Telegram channels are discussing the artist Anna Kass, who is called the alleged daughter of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The historian and writer Alexander Radaev drew attention to her in his channel "Parnassus Mockingbird" . Secular chronicler Yevgenia Milova also wrote about the gossip at the exhibition of young contemporary art Blazar, in which Kass is currently participating, in her channel Watchdog Milova .

Neatly opposite the Create in Moscow booth is a modest corner of the artist Anna Kass. Four photographs for 40 thousand rubles. However, now she prefers to paint in oils and acrylics on canvas. Anna spent the whole day near her works, talking about them very nicely. However, a cloud of whispers hovered around her: "Sobyanin's daughter! This is Sobyanin's daughter!" Some art professionals literally came to the fair with the words: "Somewhere here is Sobyanin's daughter!" In a word, by the evening there were almost no people in the crowd who would not have heard.


Anna Kass Instagram photo* Anna Kass

The admins of other channels also responded to the post.

To the alleged daughter of Sobyanin - Anna Sergeevna Kass, who was born in 1986 in Tyumen, obviously could be the main debutante of the social season. Moreover, the first timid steps have been taken - in the absence of a normal gloss in June, Anna Sergeevna graced the cover of VMode magazine, — wrote in "Antiglyance" . Anna Kass


Andrey Malakhov always knows who to take pictures with! According to Storozheva, the girl in the photo is the artist Anna Kass and the daughter of Sergei Sobyanin in combination, - added in "The Heroine of Tatler" .


Andrey Malakhov and Anna Kass Andrey Malakhov and Anna Kass

Anna Kass graduated from SPGHPA them. Stieglitz - there is the same information about Anna Sobyanina. Middle name and year of birth match.

Sergei Sobyanin has two daughters: Anna and Olga. Their photos have previously appeared on the network, and the identities of the girls have been discussed. Anna is the eldest daughter, born in 1986. According to some reports, she has already been married twice and from her second marriage she has a son who was born in 2016. There is no official confirmation of this information; Anna's personal life is also unknown at the moment. On the net you can find early photos of Anna: the girl depicted on them bears little resemblance to the one who is today called the alleged daughter of Sobyanin. However, in the past few years, more relevant pictures have appeared on the network, including in some telegram channels and on the website , taken, as reported, from Sobyanina’s closed Instagram *.

Anna Kass maintains two open accounts: personal (since 2020) and professional (since 2021). On the official website of Kass, it is indicated that she has been creating copyright works since 2015. Whether the surname is a pseudonym and where it came from is not specified there.


Photo from the social networks of Anna Sobyanina around 2013 Photo from the social networks of Anna Sobyanina around 2013


Photo from the social networks of Anna Sobyanina around 2019 Photo from the social networks of Anna Sobyanina around 2019 Photo from the social networks of Anna Sobyanina around 2019


Each of my works is always a reflection of me. They mirror the mood, feelings, emotions, memories, impressions and are filled with energy, which I fully give away when creating a work, Anna Kass says about her work. Instagram photo*


Anna Kass Instagram photo* Anna Kass Instagram photo*


Anna Kass Instagram photo* Anna Kass The work of Anna Kass


The work of Anna Kass



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