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Robbie Williams to sell three Banksy paintings from his collection


Robbie Williams/YouTube

British singer Robbie Williams will sell three works by Banksy at Sotheby's. The auction will take place in London on March 2, reports the Daily Mail.

The paintings "Girl with a balloon", "Kissing policemen" and "Mutilated oil work (Turntables)" will be put up for sale. An anonymous street artist's work is valued at millions of pounds each.


“I think these are some of his best paintings and I love that they are closely related to street art. As a Banksy collector, you become part of a larger cultural movement,” Williams said.

Sotheby's said the "Girl with a Balloon" from the Williams collection is painted on a metal plate and is the first of its kind to appear at auction. Its price starts from 2-3 million pounds. The policeman painting on canvas dates from 2005 and is listed for £2.5m to £3.5m. For "Turntables" it is proposed to give the same amount.

Before trading in London, they will be brought to Sotheby's New York art galleries, and on February 8 and 9 will be shown in Hong Kong.

This is the first time Williams is selling anything from his personal art collection, and the auction comes after he sold his seven-bedroom Wiltshire home for £6.75m ($1.35m less than he paid in 2009).

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