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Famous russian artist Natalia Muravskaya for Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog"

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illustrated classics Chehov

This year new illustrations by famous russian artist Natalia Muravskaya were published. This time she illustrated the world classics - the story by Anton Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog". More than thirty wonderful illustrations combine the unique, individual manner as well as a recognizable style of performance. The artist has also developed the design and layout of the book.

Illustrations by famous russian artist Natalia Muravskaya, at first glance, are created in a very simple technique: drawing on paper with black liner (with pigment ink pen) and with light watercolors. But this classical technique requires careful preparation and virtuosity. The style of the image, selected by the artist consciously, corresponds to the time of writing the story and delicately reveals the intent of the writer.

Chekhov "The Lady with the Dog"

Famous russian artist Natalia Muravskaya was born in Yalta, where Anton Chekhov wrote some of his greatest works. Living in the humid, warm climate of the pastoral idyll at Crimea, illustrator recorded details from a precisely observed environment in bright shades.

In addition Natalia Muravskaya - is a great graphic artist, and the painter with cinematographic way of thinking. The illustration on first page spread is a testament to that. Anna Sergeyevna’s Spitz, chasing careless seagulls on the beach, is not only represented like "extra" but looks very full of life and thus brings movement to a completely static composition.

Chekhov "The Lady with the Dog"

New artwork by N. Muravskaya strikes immediately and definitively. The attentive reader, of course, remember that Chekhov’s Anna S. wears a beret. That’s how, by the way, she is portrayed by Kukryniksy and by Kheifits in his famous film. For AP Chekhov, for whom every detail plays a functional role, this detail is very significant and, we must assume, is fundamental - the “beret” alluded three times on the first two pages of the story! That kind of attention to detail is evident in Illustrations by Natalia Muravskaya, created in the pen-and-ink technique and very well thought-out and illuminated with color.

Anton Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog"

But a careful scrutinizing in her work suddenly opens another "high-handed" feature - it turns out that in her illustrations, full of air and light, the power of the "Chekhov’s", "gray" color ... almost completely absent! Only an added touch of grey color characterizes the hotel facade, the interior of the theater or a part of landscapes. No etching! No black and white!

Chekhov "The Lady with the Dog"

The artist is fascinated by the lyrical and expressive potential of color and applying colour in a gently glazing, atmospheric manner. Her carefully painted water-colors with sentimental-lyrical landscapes - palm trees, flowers - demonstrate a certain look of frailty…

Manner of painting comprising a blurred colouring lacking contours and interspersed merely with flashing accents. Her colouration continues to be bright, but she integrated the wealth of pictorial detail in a clear black contour. Ephemeral watercolors in combination with a thin ligature lines create a certain rhythm, inexplicable charm.

The artist always draws from the heart, not paying attention to current fashion trends, while continuing to develop her work in the tradition of book painting and illustration. Elegant and refined graphic lines, noble, slightly muted colors - Natalia Muravskaya’s illustrations follow by Chekhov's perception of harmony and beauty.

Anton Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog"

“The Lady with the Dog" illustration work took more than a year, and as the artist says herself, much of the time was spent on learning style of the era of "modern" architecture, interiors, costumes, what would be the most accurate in the pictures.

Illustrations by famous russian artist Natalia Muravskaya are aesthetically convincing and emotional. Soulful fine images, subtle and intellectual manner of graphics, a taste for literature - are a great qualities of artist Natalia Muravskaya.

Fresh, non-trivial approach of the professional artist helps us to take a fresh look at the one of the most famous books in the world and detect, perhaps, even unexpected meanings.

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