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“My new hobby”: Alena Shishkova showed off her paintings for the first time


29-year-old Alena Shishkova admitted that she had an unexpected hobby. The model demonstrated her first work.

The former lover of rapper Timati is a creative person. Alena was fond of knitting, embroidery and even weaving from beads. She likes this leisurely pastime. And things made by her own hands, Alice's mother gladly gives to relatives and friends.

Now the "Second Vice-Miss Russia-2012" was carried away by a new kind of creativity. “Weaving a picture from threads is a kind of needlework that I didn’t know until recently,” Shishkova admitted. She showed pictures that she had already made.

“The first one is for myself. The second - to the return of Alice from the winter holidays. The third one is for dad, he has a birthday today, the picture will go to Tyumen, ”the instadiva shared. Her work really looked very organic and original. 


Fans admired the talent of the model and did not stint on compliments addressed to her. “It's something incredible. It turns out very nice. I haven’t seen this anywhere else”, “I also want to weave this, but so that the thread is red!”, “In this picture, Alice is surprisingly similar to Simone”, “For me, the most beautiful girl in Russia”, “For the first time in my life I see such beautiful works , and even weaving from threads. All three turned out great. I liked it”, “Alena, you are a thrill of male feelings ,” the followers discuss. The model made a portrait of her father The model made a portrait of her father


While Alena was creating pictures from threads, her daughter was vacationing in Colombia. Alice learned to surf and catch a wave - just like her star dad . 

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