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"Free Anna Delvey!": An exhibition with the works of the swindler Anna Sorokina is held in New York


"Free Anna Delvey!": An exhibition with the works of the swindler Anna Sorokina is held in New York

The other day , swindler Anna Sorokina , posing as the wealthy German heiress Anna Delvey, was released from custody, the press reported that she was being prepared for deportation to Germany, where the girl lived before moving to the United States. However, the story of the scammer, already filmed by Netflix, does not end there: an exhibition called Free Anna Delvey opened in New York yesterday! ("Free Anna Delvey!").


Anna Sorokina 

The project is supervised by the artist Alfredo Martinez, who, apparently, found a kindred spirit in Sorokina-Delvey: he himself was sentenced to 27 months in prison in the early 2000s for forging paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat. According to The Art Newspaper, after learning that Anna became interested in drawing while serving her sentence, Martinez immediately decided to organize an exhibition of works dedicated to her history. Among them are drawings by Sorokina herself, including a work called Send Bitcoin ("Send Bitcoin"). For the exhibition, the drawing was enlarged and finalized by Martinez.


Drawing by Anna Sorokina

In addition, the exhibition presents more than two dozen works by other authors. 25% of the profits will go to pay for the services of Sorokina's lawyers. Anna herself was not present at the opening of the exhibition, at that time she should have already been in Germany, however, as far as the press knows, now the girl is trying to defend her right to stay in the States. Alfredo Martinez hopes that the art project will contribute to this:

We want to show that the art community supports it. Especially the women within this community understand what is going on. Many people, especially women, know that sometimes cheating becomes the only way to get through.

One of the artists whose work is featured in the exhibition, Rina Oh, says that although she does not approve of Anna's criminal activities, she sees something feminist in her story:

She used men to achieve her goals, and this is in the art world, where men dominate. It's very New York.

Sorokina-Delvey spoke about her passion for drawing before, even published sketches on social networks. She recently gave an interview from prison for the Whitehot podcast, where she said she had no art education, but took courses in fashion illustration in Paris, and during her detention she drew a lot as a distraction.



Drawing by Anna Sorokina

As Sorokina says, she still did not part with the dream of creating the same "Anna Delvey Fund", for which she tried to raise millions of dollars, not intending to return them. The Daily Beast suggests that Anna is now focusing the public's attention on her love of drawing for a reason: according to the publication, she probably expects to get a "creative" visa - in the USA there is a special category for "people with outstanding abilities in science, art, education, business , sports".

Recall that Anna Sorokina in the spring of 2019 was found guilty of fraud: she lured money from her acquaintances from the circles of the New York elite, tricked them into paying for their trips, hotel stays and dinners in restaurants. In 2021, the girl was released for good behavior, but almost immediately returned to jail due to an expired visa. The series "Inventing Anna" based on Sorokin's adventures was released on Netflix on February 11. For the film rights, the 31-year-old native of the Moscow region received 320 thousand dollars, most of the money was spent on paying debts. After the release of the series, Anna decided to further monetize her life story. Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna


Julia Garner as Anna Sorokina in Inventing Anna 

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