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Europe can "steal" masterpieces of art belonging to Russia


Europe did not think about the issue of returning its art objects to the Russian Federation. Today it is difficult to say about the future of exhibits from Russia. 

On September 22, 2021, the exhibition “The Morozov Collection. Icons of contemporary art. Until February 22, 2022, Parisians had the opportunity to look at more than 200 works, including masterpieces by Manet, Rodin, Monet, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Matisse, priceless canvases by Repin, Korovin, Serov, Malevich, Konchalovsky.

According to the publication Marianne, France will not return works of art to Russia, as they are its guarantor of security.

The City Hall of Milan and the private site Gallerie gave the go-ahead for the placement in the Hermitage of 23 paintings by famous artists, including Picasso and Titian.

And three imperial Faberge Easter eggs from the Moscow Kremlin Museums were sent to the British museums of Victoria and Albert for the first time. The exhibitions The Hermitage in Amsterdam and The Russian Avant-Garde. Revolution in art.

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