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Become Barbie or Ken without leaving home: what neural networks will turn you into a cult doll?


Greta Gerwig's film was released worldwide exactly a week ago, and the buzz around it has not subsided yet. Surely you have met Barbie avatars of acquaintances on social networks - they are made with the help of artificial intelligence. We tell you how to become a glamorous resident or resident of Barbieland in just a minute.

In early April, Warner Bros. in the format of bright posters , she introduced the audience to the actors of Greta Gerwig's film "Barbie", and immediately invited them to feel themselves the heroes of the picture. As part of the promotional campaign, the creators of the comedy launched a site that generates posters in the style of the cult doll. To do this, it was necessary to upload a photo, choose one of eight colors for the background and add any caption. Self-made posters then flooded social networks: users not only added themselves and their pets to the pictures, but also made memes with celebrities.

Discussions of "Barbie" flooded social networks even before the release of the picture - we found out what is the secret of such frenzied virality. On July 21, the film was released in cinemas around the world (but in Russia it will not be shown until autumn), and the barbicore trend has reactivated on the network . For those who want to dress in the style of the inhabitants of Barbieland, we have released a separate guide .

And if you want to repeat the image of Oppenheimer, you can draw inspiration there. And if you want to turn into Barbie without leaving your home and without putting in extra effort, pay attention to neural networks. We collected the top 3 applications and sites based on artificial intelligence. 


Rvnway, which works at the intersection of design, science and technology, has launched the BaiRBIE service . The creators of the tool emphasize that they are not associated with either the Barbie movie team or the manufacturer Mattel, but the neural network quickly became popular - users willingly share the resulting images on social networks.

To become Barbie or Ken, you need to upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face and choose several options: hair color (blonde, blond, dark or red), skin color (light, tan or dark), and optionally one of four races. Below you need to add your email address to which the service will send the result. Generation takes several minutes, after which you can either download an image with a watermark, or pay $ 2 for a “clean” image.

In the free version of BaiRBIE, it most often sends users to the beach, to the office or to a bar, less often to a ranch, a farm, or even a war zone. There are not so many variations of outfits - usually they are business suits in both women's and men's versions, but at the bar you can meet Barbie in a dress. Price free, $2 extra option try Online

Photoleap Become

Barbie or Ken without leaving home: what neural networks will turn you into a cult doll



On Tiktok, videos with the hashtag #barbiefilter have been viewed more than 480 million times in total, and those with the hashtag #barbieai — more than 96 million times. Videos with a magical transformation into a cult doll are usually published under the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, which was released back in 1997. This filter is not integrated into the platform, the video needs to be generated separately in the free Photoleap mobile app. Upload a photo, select the Girl Doll or Guy Doll tool, and the neural network will send you to the doll world before your eyes. During our experiment, something went wrong - artificial intelligence suddenly duplicated the head, and instead of Barbie, it turned out to be someone like the pink-haired Serpent Gorynych in a dress with a decollete. As in the case of the selfie generator, users add their furry pets there. So, for example, the puppy's light coat becomes pinkish, and a collar-necklace appears around the neck.

Despite the existence of the Guy Doll option, men are interested in testing what their female version of the doll will look like. The neural network copes with this request by deftly disguising the mustache and beard under a layer of cosmetics. Price the first few generations are free, subscription from 399 rubles. try App Store, Google Play



The Fotor photo editor also gives you the opportunity to look at yourself in the image of a glamorous doll. The app is free, but without a subscription its features are limited. To use AI tools, you need to register, after which several credits will appear on your account. They just can be spent on generation - one for each image.

The process will take a few seconds: you need to upload a picture, select "Barbie" or "Ken" in the style category, determine the number of results and click on the "Create" button. The service itself will select the location, but will try to repeat the clothes and accessories - however, in our case, for some reason, he turned light brown hair into a blond and enlarged his chest by several sizes.


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